After School Club

Our After School Club is similar to our Holiday Play Scheme, we provide this service to certain schools during term time. Children will be able to carry on learning and play when the school day has ended. With food provided and a vast range of different activities to get stuck into. 

A typical afternoon will start at 3pm and end at 6pm. 

Our After School Club is the perfect opportunity for children to play for longer and to make new friends from other schools on the scheme. We provide an array of different activities all of which encourage dexterity and creativity. Encouraging children to play together in an inclusive environment where all are welcome. 

Activities include various games, both table top and floor. We also provide different games consoles such as Nintendos, Play Stations and Xboxes. We encourage further education by running science projects and cooking activities, we also run competitions to help reinforce good sportsmanship. When the weather is good we take children outside to play sports where they can work in teams to have fun and learn the importance of valuing others. We also have various messy play and arts and crafts available providing a creative space for those that love to be artistic. 

On top of all that we have a bouncy castle and we organise outings for children. Here at Kidz Choice we want to live up to our name and we do that by providing opportunities for children to get involved with their club activities, giving them the choice to be creative and to make suggestions for what they want to do in their recreational time. Or to help with organising where to go on our next outings. 

By giving children the choice it promotes a sense of independence and makes them feel more involved. We want children to be going home after a long day feeling their opinions are important and that they are being listened to. So they come back with more fantastic ideas for the club. 

Please get in touch today to find out which schools we provide this service to.

To find out more about our After School Club then please do get in touch!