Breakfast Club

Here at Kidz Choice we provide an excellent Breakfast Club service to certain schools where parents can bring in their children before school hours. We will provide all children with a healthy balanced breakfast in a secure environment. Children will be able to play and socialise with their fellow peers before they start the learning day. 

We provide them with plenty of activities to get the cogs in the brain started, to gear them up and get them excited for the day ahead. We believe that building this enthusiasm ensures a successful fun filled day for any child and we at Kidz Choice love to see the benefits of this.

We strive to make children feel comfortable and happy first thing in the morning. If we can help relieve some of the stress of those early morning school runs from parents then that would be mission successful in our eyes. We understand and empathise with all those parents especially the ones that have an early start to their working day.

Breakfasts consist of fibre rich foods with plenty of yummy fruit. Giving children the right energy to take on the busy morning they have ahead and providing the brain with the right fuel for learning and growing. 

We want children to feel as though they were if they were having their breakfast at home. Surrounded by trusted people and having a fun filled morning.

So please get in touch today to find out which schools we provide this service to.

To find out more information about our Breakfast Club then please do get in touch!